Raion Character Sheet Picture

Name: RAION ("Lion" in Japanese)
Race: Werewolf
Sub-Race: Blood Demon
Gender: Male
Pack: Rensa
Rank: Alpha
Age: Unknown (more than 150)

Appearance: Weight 230kg, 1.2m tall, 2.8m long. Well seen muscles and athletic body due to continuous fights and journals. Short shiny black fur, long hair in the neck, chest, spine, and tail with dark red shades. Red eyes with yellow near his vertical slit pupils. Large exposed lower fangs and razor sharp black claws with red in the ends, larger human-like fingers in the front paws. Long scar crossing his left eye and four claw marks in his chest. Red Japanese tattoo "狼" (wolf) in his left arm. Likes to use chains in his neck and waist, white bandages in wrists and ankles.

Personality: Very patient with his time but not with others. Confident on his abilities and endurance but very solitary and lonely. Tries to find a mate or friend but his past don't permits him, his only frind is Gurei. Strong will and always giving all he have in battles that often puts him on his limits. Quiet but honest and cynical. He always says what he wants not caring who the other is. Respectful to who deserves it and very protective to those he cares, specially to Gurei which is like his younger brother. Very sadistic and merciless to his enemies. Like to eat human meat, specially hunters as a kind of revenge. Mature most of the time but finds time to relax and have fun.

Powers: Control and understanding of blood.

Spells: Control: Regulate and control his own blood pressure at will. You will never know when he's lying or excited about something. This includes the amount of blood allowed to pass through a wound.
Healing and purification: Raion can purify and clean his own blood from any virus or poison. Depending on the strength of it, more time will be needed. His blood can heal any other he gives it to drink it, restoring health, energy and in specific cases, life. He can also heal faster if he drinks others blood, specially if it's wolf's blood.
Creation of iron: He can take the iron of the blood and create weapons, artifacts or accessories giving the form he wants, like the chains he use, but it takes time and lowers his own reserves of iron.
Rejuvenation: He can controls the oxidation, creation, and age of his blood so he never grows old and never die due to time until he decides it, but he can be killed like any other.
Invocations: Raion has made several blood contracts only a demon can do. He's able to bring any other mythological creature whenever he needs it or want. This happens when Raion writes the simbol in japanese of the creature he wants to invoke with his own blood and using his demon energy, he brings it to his side. This creatures made this contract at will and will fight aside of Raion no matter what but they can be hurt and even killed. The current contracts include Saber (hellhound), Rakdos (dragon), Inferno (phoenix), Shinra (chimera), Arashi (gryphon), and Zepar (leviathan). Raion rarely uses this ability because it reduces his own energy and doesn't like anyone to see this rare creatures. The more he invoke, the more his energy is reduced.

Skills: Very athletic and energetic even when he don't show it. Always traveling and exploring new territories but never staying. Prefers the cold and likes spending time swimming in rivers and climbing rocks or trees. He's body is for resistance and endure pain. Is hard for him to get tired but is not as fast or strong as other wolves. Loves to fight large numbers alone and usually wins.

Werewolf Creation: A werewolf is created when the human is bitten by a born werewolf and then he/she drinks the blood of the same werewolf that bite him/her and then is killed by this same werewolf. After this, the trasformation occurs the next full moon and the creature looses control of his own mind all the night and needs to eat fresh human meat. In the morning his human side returns and is able to turn at will. Raion is a born werewolf.

Biography: Mother Raiga (werewolf) -Dead
Father Shade (werewolf) -Dead
Grandpa Shinzō (demon) -Dead
Twin brother Jagā (werewolf/demon) -Dead
Mate Zue (werewolf-turned by Raion) -Dead
Pack 8 members -Dead
Adopted Little Brother Gurei (werewolf/demon) -Alive

Raion was born at the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala, with his twin brother Jagā ("jaguar"). First non of them showed supernatural skills, their parents thought they were simple werewolves like them but 2 years later, Raion started showing his demon form. Since then, everything changed, specially his grandpa Shinzō ("heart"). No matter what, Jagā was always there for Raion. They were very close and one day Jagā went to the forest to hunt dinner but Raion refuses to join his bother to practice his demon skills.
It was late and Jagā never returned to the den. His parents went to look for him and Raion was left with Shinzō. He took advantage of his time alone with his grandpa and asked him why his strange behavior since he discovered their were demons just like him. "Because I'm the only alpha here, and I will not permit you or your brother to change that." said Shinzō. Before Raion could answer, a horrible howl of pain broke the night. Shinzō run to the forest with Raion behind him. They found Raion's parents murdered over the tree's leaves with their bones coming out from their bodies. As they stared with horror, a strong pain covered Shinzō and his own bones started to break and puncture his organs and muscles. A bone demon. He was causing all this. Shinzō fell dead aside of his parents and all he could do was run, run away that bloody scene with tears in his eyes and a pain in his chest he could never relieve.
Before he could step out from the forest, a big and black shadow hit him on his side and sent him to a tree breaking his ribs. His claws creating the scars he now shows to the world, reminding him of that night. Of the pain, desperation, confusion, and surrender, Raion fell unconscious but his death never came.

The next years Raion survived alone fighting with numerous animals, hunters and demons. Always hiding his battle scars with his blood control except for the ones made by his family killer. Searching for him, growing stronger and experienced for the time he find his enemy. He found out that he called himself Damon, killing with no mercy or remorse anyone that crossed his way.

5 years latter, Raion started a pack with his first and, until now, only mate Zue. Zue was a human and then Raion turned her. He had 4 pups which he protected and love with all his heart, two werewolves and two werewolf/demons. 3 more wolves he found in his trips increment his pack. Very nice friends and companions. But the bad luck followed Raion and 2 years later a group of hunters trapped one of his sons and using him as bait, killed the other 3, their mom, and everyone in the pack. Raion killed them all but was left very ill, and alone. Since then, he refuses every offer to form a new pack or having a new mate to love and care, with the fear that a similar fate happens to them, staying aways a loner.
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