Lotus Battallion Picture

I haven't... really been around in DeviantArt for a while but that's with the hassle of finishing a semester of college, now relaxing... and playing alot of Battlefield 2, which is sad because I shouldn't be. I have all these thoughts in my head that should be put down into drawings and such, writing perhaps, but I've been WASTING time playing this damn game with my homies online. But playing this game, I've become pretty adept at playing it, even have some Hollywood moments from time to time again, and I feel like I get way too into it, but trust me, if you were in the same situations I was in, you'd start yelling "Tango down!" everytime you shot an enemy down and yelled at your friends over the microphone "North Base captured! Rendezvous via chopper! OVER!" and then all sorts of mayhem ensuing... while one of you plays something like "Creedance Clear Water Revival - Fortunate Son" over the mic as you fly a blackhawk through the skies, through the trees and deep into enemy territory, clearing an LZ (Landing Zone) like some Army Rangers and... well you get my drift, I think.

So having played this game so much with my friends, I came up with this Squad idea, not clan... my friends and I don't conform to the likes of a clan, that's just ridiculous. We're all highly independent individuals who know how to handle our own but we like to band together when the heat gets fiery. So I came up with this name for us *Lotus Battallion* Why Lotus? Because the lotus flower is one of the sexiest flowers I know of. It has significant history and mythology behind it dealing with creation and the invovled role it played with gods and divine human beings (Yes I'm speaking highly of us) but with good reason. Most of the time when I create Squad Lotus in a Battlefield 2 game, people instantly try joining it because they know we're the only team to get the job done in any game we play, turning the tides of a battle and carrying the designated team we're associated with to victory. It seems overconfident and perhaps ARROGANT to say, but it's more specifically the truth. In honor to this, I created a logo for our small band of brothers: Lotus Battallion.

Lotus Battallion, Absolutio Incarna per Fedilis.

"Hated, feared, loved, loathed. We feel the same just about the same way everyone else feels about us. That doesn't change the fact we get the job done no matter what they think. Whoever they are, they can keep their thoughts ally or foe, it's the brothers amongst us that matter, not the infidelous naysayers and incompetence that follow and stride with or against us. Brother for brother, friend for friend, death for death. We're Lotus Battallion."
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