Gorga the Hydra Picture

Full Name: Gorga

Based On: Original Creation (Hydra)

Creator: Sting, Anthos.

Birthplace: Greece

Height: 5’ 9”


Weight: 140 LB

Likes: Greek mythology, snakes, fish, laid back people, waterfalls, swimming.

Dislikes: Fighting, heat, busy people.

Friends: Ginoa (not at first), Montana, and Organna (because there laid back).

Rivals: Ginoa, US military.

Favorite Food: Fish, meat, poisons reptiles (has a little kick to it).

Special Weapons: poisons bite, can spray venom far distends, speed, strength, can strangle with her tail, regeneration

Weaknesses: Has trouble focusing, Dislikes fighting but she is territorial of her stuff, her stomach.
Background Info:

Ginoa is Renatamer's, Montana is Codzilla and Ness, and Organna is Lucid_Dakou. All three are on Daikaiju Academy.
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