Creator Form 2012-7-20 Picture

This is a double header post, I thought I'd give you a little more than just an image of my creators form. I would also give you a drawing that has a related theme. To which the theme of the form is creators and owners of mythologies and fantasy worlds. With a special note for this posting, this might be the final version of the form. Unless you would like me to add something. Also, you can make comments on the artwork as well, why? Just read the section on the artwork and maybe you will like what you read.

Creator Form in Database
Though the form is for my personal use. It is possible there may be times when I will use it to interact and convey information to you. So ... I would be interested in hearing any opinion(s) you might have about my form; and how your changes might make it easier for me to pass along information that you want to know: about the people or studios that create characters, a world or even whole universes.

This artwork was done using layers. It is possible for me make changes. But as I've not used a multitude of layers. I can't easily make any kind of change. But I have a few layers and some flexibility to make changes. So I would interested in hearing from you about the artwork as well. As I'm thinking of posting the artwork as it's own posing.

Posting a new version of the Artwork
I could do a new version and keep it black and white like it is here. Or I could color it in the comic book style of color tones I like to do. Or just do a plain straight forward digital paint to the artwork. I like doing art. Thus, no need to feel "you're telling me what to do". If I have the talent to accomplish something. I don't mind playing to the audience. Because I just like being an artist: that makes it playing to the audience, not being told what to do. So if you think it's finished and ready for posting or needs to be colored. I'd like to hear from you. If it's good enough, there are resources on the internet that I can use to offer products with artwork on those products. With one exception, a calender, I don't know if I have enough good pieces of art to use for a calender. So I can't offer the artwork on this page as part of a calendar. But I am on sites that lets me put artwork on other things than calendars.
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