The Goddess of the Big Cats Picture

I had planned to do a picture of Freja (Freya), in Nordic Mythology the goddess of love and war. Freja have two cats that at times pull a wagon for her. Must have been pretty big cats.

Freja share these characteristics (love, war and cats (or lions)) with the Assyrian-Babylonian goddess Ishtar.

In Sumeria the goddess name was Innana.

Then we have Astarte mentioned a couple of times in the Bible under the name of Ashteroth. This version of the goddess is particularly interesting as it seems she was the wife of the god of Abraham (El) as well as the god of Moses (Yahveh). That was of course before the creation of a monotheistic Hebrew religion.

Then we have the Germanic goddess Eostre (or Ostra) that was celebrated at Easter (hence the name Easter). The characteristics of this goddess I'm not familiar with but the name certainly is similar to Ishtar/Astarte. Eostre don't seem to have reached Scandinavia, or maybe she did and got the name Freja (the lady). Freja have a lot of names. Non of the names are very similar to Ishtar though. The similarities make me believe that they are related goddesses.

Other related goddesses would be Aphrodite and Isis.

So what I ended up doing is a mix of the different version of this goddess.

On one picture of Ishtar she have wings and bird feet. Freja had a bird-suit that she could put on and then fly like a bird. I have taken this aspects and put them into the picture as a tattoo on the the back of the goddess.
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