lingodbhavamurthy Picture

siva, parvati, yin, yang, cock, cunt, chaos, form, coldness, fire, blackness, light.

the shiva-lingam is the is the center of the universe, from it comes all creation. when you see it you see lingam set in yoni, or the penetration of shivas penis in to world through the cosmic vagina. this particular image plays off another story in which 2 of the principle gods of Hinduism Brahma ( the creator ) and Vishnu ( the sustainer ), were argueing about who was the more powerful ( or the originator ) of the universe. suddenly a great column of cosmic fire appeared between them. neither god could see an end and so they set forth a contest; whoever could find an end first was the greater god. both Brahma and Vishnu set out toward the ends of the column but after days, for all their greatness and power neither could find an end. so the gods began to worship the column as the progenetor. at this point Siva ( the destroyer ) appears before them and explains that the 3 gods are born of the same divinity and none is the greater. this is sometimes taken to mean that Siva is the greatest of the three. such interpretations are foolish. Siva is the greatest here because destruction is what is needed, in particular the destruction of ego. anyway the lingam is often worhiped as the symbol of this cosmic flame... and so i set mine on fire. ( along with my whole bathroom )

hope you enjoy

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