BitterApples: Steve Picture

It is not my best work in your honour--especially inexcusable since I was trying to come up with something all day--but hopefully it will suffice until I come up with something more related to the entire group. Until then, have a sort-of joke relating bowler hats to vampire hunters.

To the rest of you: ~BitterApples and I spent some time bonding over a mutual love of dhampir mythology. (I'd say "before it was cool," but fuck it, vampire-hunters are always cool. Even back when vampires weren't suave yet, the hunters were cool.) This expanded to the creation of the "Dhampir BFF Club," wherein three of our (and kind of someone else's) dhampir characters meet and bond and face various different kinds of vampires in battle and deal with having vampiric parents in their own special ways. And I'm already kind of late, so I'm going to post this without any more delay.

István (c) ~BitterApples

Peter Cushing (c) himself.

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