A Forgotten Goddess Picture

Been meaning to lay this down on paper. The (so far) final design for the last goddess of Analia in the Gentle Skies world.

The true goddesses each have a form- human, snow leopard, wolf (timber not that it matters), and horse. They also have real actual freaking names.

This one is named Suha. Guess what it means?

She is the goddess of sacrifice, time, beauty, and creation. Among other lesser things. For some reason that will prolly never be explained her name has slipped from the spoken and written mythology of the Analian continent (though not necessarily the whole dang world).

Many of the Inorganics were created in equine shapes because of her. AND SPOILER- The Artificials (such as Serene) were created to be a symbolic combination of her and one of the other three goddesses. Meaning there are three super-powerful equine-looking shape-shifters out there. The issues they have to work out pretty much cause everything that has happened and will happen in the course of Gentle Skies.

That's all I have to say about that for now. It's pretty complicated and I want to (eventually) have people reading along and piecing things together for themselves. Azure and co. will likely be doing the same.
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