Angels and Demons height chart Picture

These were done over the weekend while I spent the holiday with my daddy
What's great about these guys is that, one, they are not restricted to being a part of the DE cast; in the future, if I am to make another story that calls for the use of angels or demons, these guys will definitely make an appearance. Two, they give me a legitimate excuse to draw actual "bishonens". In the Bible and in many art, angels are often depicted as rather androgynously beautiful humans, probably because angels have no actual gender, though in several versus of the Bible, there are mentions of both male and female angels (especially if Nephilim are to be produced). If there are no real genders, then it's safe to say that these angels can assume genders whenever they feel like it, thus the androgynous looks. In other words, I don't care if you say they look too girly or feminine as men. That's the point of being bishonen, isn't it?! X3 ::runs away from an angry mob of shallow rabid bishonen fanditzes:: @[email protected]

Don't mind the generic angel robes; since they are angels, they can wear whatever the helll they want whenever they want. In my sketches, the garbs they've donned ranged from Ancient Roman gladiator armor (like how the archangel Michael was depicted) to your typical white suits and ties XD. My main focus is mainly their overall appearance. As for why robes, I'm too lazy to detail legs. So there XP.

I'm still researching angels, though the research is mainly that of various Catholic/Christian views. Otherwise, though, I think how angels ought to be is through open interpretation, so if you find anything "inaccurate", well, what are we to know how angels really are? XD But I'm open for suggestions.

Those with white wings and halos are clearly angels of God while those with black wings and lacking halos are demons/fallen angels. Also note their... lack of height XD;. I mainly referred to the what would be the estimated average height of adults during the Medieval/Renaissance times, when angelic art was popular.

Medium: Pencil on a premade printed height chart.
Time: About 2 hours.

All characters and artwork are copyright © of ImagenAshyun.
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