And From The Fire Emerges The Mother, The Goddess Picture

To properly understand this picture, one must have atleast a bit of understanding of Indian, namely Bengali culture.
The picture here depicts one of the most celebrated festivals of the state West Bengal, India, and that is Durga Puja. "Puja" literally translates to worship. "Durga", often referred to as Maa Durga or Mother Durga, is the famed destroyer of the Demon Mahisasura, who was wreaking havoc in the Land of Gods aka Heaven.
The mythological piece goes as following...
When the Demon Mahisasura was wreaking havoc in heaven, the three main Gods, who were Brahma-The Creator, Vishnu-The administrator and Shiva-The destroyer, decided to perform a certain religious rite which wud give rise to The Mother who wud be capable of destroying the Demon.As religious rites require fire and Mother Durga emerged from the fire, hence the title and the flame, and the rest is, as they say, mythological history
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