Visible Sacrifice Picture

This is the sketch for my next engraving for an artist compilation book about devotion, religion and mythology. This image is based on my interpretation that prayer is a direct replacement for blood sacrifice. One no longer needs to take a life for divine intervention, but there is a spiritual credit of sorts given to the devoted based on conforming to a prescribed covenant. The body is stripped to reveal a spirit that melds into the rest of creation where it can be judged for its merit. A universal biofeedback sensitive to wisdom and intention.

I was able to visit the Our Body: The Universe Within exhibit [link] and was definitely inspired by seeing the body and its systems separated so distinctly and personally. The way its presented is not morbid in the least and allows for the appreciation of what we are.

I ought to have my plate engraved within 4 weeks and then I've got 30 copies to print within two weeks from that point. Its dimensions are close to 4x6. Yes I know its similar to Alex Gray's work, but after I add the surface style found in the college work of Max Ernst it'll be quite unique (hopefully)
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