Tupilak 4 Picture


The very latest in our collection of marine tupilaks. This creature has a fair swimming ability and an almost preserved flying capacity. At least it can flap a bit. Remember to switch ropes before they are too worn out to avoid losses.
If you experience bloating, let dry over the night and soak in formaldehyde afterwards.


I think my friend appreciates these stupid birthday cards with a strange new combination every year. I try to beat last years uglyness or find a fun theme every time. I heard about the tupilak from the swedish roleplaying game Drakar & Demoner but actually it's a creation from Greenland Inuit mythology. The tupilaq was an avenger stitched together from different animal and human parts by a shaman and given life by allowing it to suck energy from the creator's sexual organs. It was then put in the sea to find the enemy, but you had to watch out; if he was more powerful he could turn your own tupilaq back at you.

felt-tipped pens, watercolour, gouache
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