God the Artist Picture

This is the third comic page of my final project for my Invitation to Philosophy class. The paper was titled "A Personal Mythology to Aid in my Quest for Self Knowledge". Here is an excerpt from the Paper:

"“God the Artist” is my retelling of the creation of Man. The Bible says, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life…” (Genesis 2:7) Previously in the Bible God simply says a word and the word comes into being. The fact that God used the dust of the ground to create Adam then brought him to life says two things to me. The first is that God is an artist. He could just have said “Man” and man would exist. But instead he took the time to create the first man in his own image with his own hands. The second involves my idea of Nature as God’s partner. By using the dust of the ground, the Earth, Nature’s dominion, he has included her in Man’s creation. In this way she becomes our Mother and he our Father.

With Nature present in this retelling of the creation of Man, it is no wonder that Adam would not be satisfied with any of the animals God brings to him as a companion. He was created in the image of his father, and like his father, he wanted a companion who was the opposite feminine version of himself. I like the idea of God splitting Adam in two, creating Eve as an equal partner for his son, as Nature is to him. I also like the idea that God’s love for Nature inspired him to create an even more beautiful work of art in her image. There is love, respect, and equality between the sexes in this Myth. These are all qualities that I believe should be valued by today’s religions."
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