::Kabechet:: Picture

GAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA. I love this character design but then again I hate it because the actual character (in teh RPG with my Anubis) is teenage looking but not this old. (more like 14~15 ish) Ah well.

SO YUSH. There is some lengthy explaintion behind the character and it envolves a very long thesis of mine which I've held since liek 7th grade. So that won't be covered.
Well anyway, I was sorta sleeping around 1 AM when I had a SUDDEN INSPIRATION. And GASP I woke up and begain to DRAW......Kabechet!

And if you people knew your Anubis mythology like I do you'd already know that she was considered his daughter. (gasp! this is where the thesis comes in reguarding the births of both Anubis and Kabechet....) So la, I encorparated her into my Anubis' history/story thing. But she's his adopted daughter person instead of his actual daughter, cause in the story behind her creation in Eygpt, it makes the actual Anubis sound like he's asexual (o.o) and then the only reason why she was "born" at all was because people then believed that only a child born of Anubis could protect his holy emblaming liquids and such. So basically she was an imagined snake-headed-river-lesser-goddness (lmao) born of Anubis and his female counter part....which doesn't exist. @[email protected]

bwahahhhahahha. weirdo eygptians. And speaking of weird.....
Didja know that in the actual records (the earliest ones of course, the later ones are homophobic....and I like those ones....except for the reduced importance of Anubis of course~) Seth, the almighty badboy god of eygpt (and married to one of the supposed mothers of Anubis), is gay? HAHAHAHHA. greatness. Those crazy Eygptians.

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