Unicorn Picture

Symbol of purity, hope, love, majesty, power,
honesty, freedom and all the good that there be at
human. It is a wild and untamable, many
believe that only a virgin can tame the
unicorn, leaving him helpless to hunters. It's fast,
strong and inhabits gardens without specific place. In
function of their trips they need to rest and
that they seek a hiding place where there
danger. Take water and eat fruits and grains
mature or young leaves of these trees. The duration
Unicorn on Earth is much larger than the human.

The Legend - The unicorn first came wrapped in a
cloud, driven by a white vortex. Down with
softness of the sky for children to the fields of the Earth. Endowed
a horn of light spiral. With his horn penetrated
a stone, and a fountain of life sprang. The Earth began to
be impregnated with things fruit. Big trees
flourished, and down in their shadows were populated with
wild beasts. All this was God's intention, and the
Unicorn, the instrument of his will. Thus if
form the Garden of the Unicorn, is called Shamagim whatever
Place where there say Water. God then speaks to the Unicorn "
Unicorn! You will, of all my creations, which
in permanent memory of Light, will be your guide and guardian.
But you never return the light to the end of Time.

As emerged Legend? The unicorn came from mythology
Eastern, Greek and Roman, is also mentioned in the Bible
[Psalm 22:21], [Psalm 29:6] and [Psalm 92:10]. Its name comes
two words from the Latin "unus" means an
"cornu" which means horn.

The Horn - It is a talisman of sovereign power, but its strength
and virtue will only be activated through a work of a
Unicorn. His light will decrease until extinguished when the
hands of another. The Horn is the complete story of
Unicorn and also is the recipient of your thoughts.
Many believe it has healing power and that is to be a
antidote to poison. Their shape is a spiral: the two
means, or flutes, are attached to each other. In hours
danger or prolonged concentration Horn can exhale
certain brightness or a soft radiance. For the protection of
unicorn, we can not see your horn, ie, with
Therefore, the unicorn is mistaken for a single horse.

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