Syrus Vassago WIP Picture

A WIP of my Arrancar OC and leader of my Neo-Espada, Syrus Vassago.

Syrus was one of many Arrancar created by Aizen after having broken free from Muken, returning to Hueco Mundo with a fluctuating amount of control over the Hogyoku, in an attempt blitz Soul Society before they would have a chance to properly prepare.
Syrus was previously a Vasto Lorde class Hollow, taking the form of a humanoid Kirin/Qilin, a Chinese mythological creature.

Because Aizen's control over the Hogyoku was shaky at best many of the Arrancar he created were uneven (Example: There were Adjuchas class Arrancar created stronger then Vasto Lorde class ones. Some of them had really weird abilities). Of these the most bizarre case was Syrus, who the Hogyoku imbued with the power to transform Hollows into Arrancar. Aizen wasn't even aware of this.

Of the hundreds of Arrancar/Hollow which Aizen used to storm Soul Society only Syrus, Drake, Asher and Gwenn survived. Aizen was destroyed once and for all and his army was defeated, but not before causing great destruction and vast casualties on the other side, including Captain Commander Yamamoto and substitute shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki.

When the 4 Arrancar made it back to Hueco Mundo they immediately went into hiding, making their home beneath the ruins of what was once Los Noches.
Discovering that he had been given the ability to create Arrancar Syrus began putting a group together which would later be known as the "Neo-Espada".
Feeling nothing but disgust towards the Shinigami whom he had witnessed slaughter so many of his kind Syrus planned to create as many Arrancar as he could and use them to erase the Shinigami once and for all, installing Hollows as the ruling Spiritual Beings as he felt they deserved.

Drake didn't agree with Syrus's views and didn't want to risk the lives of his friends Asher and Gwenn so the three of them decided to leave, Syrus responded by dubbing them as traitors who had turned their backs on the cause.

As he began creating more and more Arrancar Syrus quickly discovered that each time he made one he became weaker. Despite having been around the strength of Base Aizen at the time of his creation (Easily making him the most powerful Arrancar in my story's universe) by the time he had finished making the Neo-Espada he had become very weak, around the strength of a low-level Vice Captain.
Because of this the strongest Neo-Espada members were tasked to act as his personal body guard/protector, one of these being Aiden.

The reason that he had become weaker and weaker with each newly created Arrancar was because in order to make one he was forced to shed off a piece of his soul and imbue them with it. As such if Syrus were to be killed all Arrancar he created would also die.
Due to being weakened Syrus is incapable of using his Resurreccion, only by having the pieces of his soul returned to him would he become strong enough to access it. In order for the pieces of his soul to be returned the Arrancar who wielded it would have to die, with Syrus also receiving any battle experience and Reiatsu that they had grown in since the time of their creation.

You'd think because of this he might end up killing off the Neo-Espada to make himself stronger but unlike Aizen who only viewed his Espada as tools Syrus actually deeply cares for his warriors like a family, at one point in my story when the Neo-Espada invade SS he actually intended on having them defeat the Gotei 13 without him even needed his Resurreccion but in the end he uses it anyways because most of the Neo's are killed off, much to his dismay.

Syrus is one of the main Villains of my story, but he cares deeply for his group.

The reason he might look sort of wide in this pic is because hes wearing his robe hung over his shoulders.
His eyes are black with red irises

More info soon.

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