Tumatauenga Picture

Meaning in Maori something like "Tu of the Angry Face", Tumatauenga is one of the sons of Papa (Earth Mother) and Rangi (Sky Father) in the Maori cosmology, and is regarded both as the God of War and ancestor to the Maori people.

Tales regard of how he and his brothers, who are Tane (god of the birds, trees and forests), Tangaroa (god of sea, water and water creatures), Rongo (god of cultivated food) and Haumia (god of wild food) have sided to separate their parents from their embrace and thus manage creation to inhabit the land (literally, separate earth and sky). It's been through Tane, represented by trees, which this separation was made possible, contrary to Tumatauenga's original, more violent purpose, which was killing their parents.

Besides those brothers, there's still another, who struggled with all the others, who's Tawhirimatea, god of weather and winds. The tale goes on telling how the wrathful ancestor of the Maori defeated his brothers prior to the separation of his parents.

This war-like character of Tu is very explored within the Maori culture, as he's revered as an angry ancestor with respect and awe, and is invoked before battle.

This illustration was realized with Sanguine pencil
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