Conceptual sketchdump Picture

Genreally I like to have a concept when I'm drawing, so I'll describe what I was going for, and why these didn't work out.

1. I drew this awhile ago, but the idea was a type of cut out Tim Burton styled backround. I might reuse the idea later, but I wasn't to the point of being ready to use it with anything.

2. Straight out sketching. Didn't go further with it because of it's commen composition.

3. Three layers, the backroung, the white sketch, and then an attached layer, with colors on it. Sloppy, not really a character idea behind it.

4. More sketching. This was actually bleach fan art. I was going to do Ichigo and Rukia in a different more American style. Decided not to for the sake of time and inspiration.

5. Sigyn, Loki's wife. Some Thor 2 speculation. Or more like Norse mythology character creation. I wanted to practice brush strokes style.

6. This was the original version of Urahara's (Bleach) Zanpakto, Benihime. She was going to be more ninja-like, but I decided that didn't fit her name as well as Heian period royal princess would.

7.Watched titantic. I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but I can appriciate a lot that went into it, and some of the emotional scences. I just wanted a quick sketch to remind me of the trapped desperate look Kate Winslet has when she's going to jump of the deck.

8. Fem!Kaiba. I still might finish this one, but I feel like it shows what a line art over a gesture. I want a fanfic of Fem!Kaiba.

9. Fem!America preliminary Vector art. Awkward pose, and badly proportioned.

10. Clouds. Beautiful freaking clouds.

11.OC soul reaper. Liked her arm links, but her pose bothered me, and I couldn't think of a backround.

12. I wanted a dramatic angle, but with the colors it turned out rather dull. I did like the bottom ruffles.

13. Eclipse. There was one over the Western US last Sunday right?
Well, hope you gained something more then sore eyes from looking at this~
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