Azrael Picture

This here's Azrael. The quote on the pic is from the "Estaron", the story I'm wrighting about the creation of Equinna (the ponies' homeland) and all that. The opposite of Azrael (who is pale and male) is Naissance (who is more deeply saturated with color than mortal eyes can comprehend and female). I'm going to do a similar picture of Naissance soon, actually.

Azrael's also my unofficial mascot, as my nick-physical-appearance match his.

Edit: Dear Og, look at all those typos in the picture text. Ouch. I'll definately be fixing THAT.
Edited again: I redid the text so that it won't make you want to stab your eyes out with typo doom. Also, I've got the picture up of Naissance, so check it out. Also also, just to be clear, at the time of separation Azrael had both horns and both eyes; they were destroyed far later, but artistic representations of him almost always show the patch and broken horn. (Think of it this way: Lucifer in Christian mythology basically always drawn as a hideous evil monster-beast, while the Bible clearly says that he was a heavenly and beautiful angel for a long time.)
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