Tupilak 2 Picture


Here's the perfect pet for any child of the dark side or interested necromantic collector. Can't decide whether you want reptilian, bird or rodent? No problem, you can have all in one! Now at a very favourable discounted price since a toe got lost in the process. But not to worry! It has been nicely replaced with one of the bird toes.
Just make sure to give this creature the weekly formaldehyde bath.


This is the second tupilak birthday card I made for my boyfriend at the time. I heard about the tupilak from the swedish roleplaying game Drakar & Demoner but actually it's a creation from Greenland Inuit mythology. The tupilaq was an avenger stitched together from different animal and human parts by a shaman and given life by allowing it to suck energy from the creator's sexual organs. It was then put in the sea to find the enemy, but you had to watch out; if he was more powerful he could turn your own tupilaq back at you.

felt-tipped pens
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