Hold Still Picture

UMMMM This is also for the same contest. hahahahha when i reread the info (because i failed the first time) i giggled to myself picturing Hydra being married.

So this is what was created. Going along with the sort of Greek mythology name associations (which i don't know if that is really what happened in his character creation, i just speculated) i decided to name her after a monster as well, so her name is Cerinia [pronounced Sir-in-ee-a] (the Cerinian Hind was Herakles's third task, and the Hydra was his second).

It was fun creating her!!! I thought of Hydra as the dark sexy type that acts all super macho away from home, but behind closed doors he could be sweet and romantic, but still hold that dark sexy edge. Cerinia is quiet and attentive, but when she wants to be she can be quite the little B***ch. That's what Hydra loved about her was her fiesty side. He also loved her strangely alluring green eyes. He couldn't look away, but what he didn't know was that she was digging through his soul with those green eyes of hers. That's her clan's trait. She's able to look directly into the soul of her victims and see exactly what makes them tick. She saw Hydra for what he was, but still fell hard for him.

Hydra (C)
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