The Sky Goddess Picture

////When The Goddess of the Sky was old enough to use her powers of creation, she always knew she wanted to design a people who could freely think and create on their own. Her father greatly disapproved. He had seen what free will could do, but despite his warning's, she created a people with strong wills and personalities, and for a while, life was good. Her creations and she were happy.

When she discovered her creations of the earth were determined to live in the air, her happiness grew to weariness. They sent her prayers and sacrifices, begging to send them more wind and a thicker atmosphere to keep their heavy inventions afloat. How could she do anything but appease them after their sincerest efforts?

But the skies turned gray with smoke from their machines, and she heard less and less of their prayers as many years passed. Her weariness become regret, but despite this she was stubborn. She would not fail her people. She would prove her father wrong, even if it meant keeping her people afloat forever.

So, a new deviation! Wow! And something that doesn't have to do with the City! Double wow! I've never done a story to go along with a deviation. It was kind of fun to write.
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