BSA: Romeo James basic concept Picture

I'm still not sure if I want this character in Boarding school asylum (Look it up in groups) So that's why I keep it basic. I'll do better with the next one because I'll be doing chibi for it (That's actually a maybe).

But basic information will be the same:

Name: Romeo James (RJ for short)
Age: 15
Grade: 10 (Sophomore)
Sex: Male
Personality: Multiple, actually just 2 calm and collected basically normal and crazy psycho killer which is also witty and funny.
Interests: Dark arts and the like (Etc, Magic, Demonology, mythology, voodoo) illustration, video games, martial arts, writing fiction, reading.
Bio: After Romeo snapped in the middle of a mosh pit and started to rip out various people throats, His parents found out there was something wrong with him (No shit) and quickly sent him off the Crow Asylum even though the cops couldn't pin anything on him.

He likes being alone with his thoughts a lot however talking with him you wouldn't of known that (he's a smooth talker). If he looses his shit you should run because up until recently he's been able to restrain himself but since he has a new personality he hasn't been so successful.

He has power over the dark arts (Magic) and can control shadows and make them into solid beings and or objects (this is due to his special form of magic). His split personality is called Thamuz and can talk to Romeo, (However not at the beginning of school and there is a story behind his creation).

When I get my brain back together I'll add limitations and such.
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