PGA-03 Valkyrie Picture

This is Azara's unit, the PGA-03 Valkyrie, named after the female warriors in Norse mythology. Its purpose is solely for close combat, it cannot attack targets that are more than 2000ft from this beast. Its armor is worn by Azara's GA named Crystal who is 18 years old like the rest of the protagonist cast in my manga. This unit is a testbed for the energy wing technology that is being researched by the engineers in Zenith, hoping that this unit's performances in live combat situations will bring the scientists necessary results to perfect their creation for future use. Its primary weapon a solid state blade/railgun hybrid utilizes vibro/plasma technology so it cuts through materials denser than the sword itself. It vibrates making it sharper and acts as a chain saw, and plasma coats the blade and courses around it melting the material. And if this unit cant get anymore badass, the vibrant pink and black paintjob is sure to distract the enemies of this unit.

Type: Full frontal assault purpose GA
height: 22ft
Weight: 2.5-4 tonnes
Powerplant: 3xexperimental energite reactor thrusters, 2x experimental stage energite based energy wing
Performance: Mach 2.5 at 1,000ft, capable of running at speeds of 80mph
Weapons: FGS6 Solid state sword/railgun, FG21 Assault rifle, FGSMG16 machine pistols, plasma swords and knives
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