Misc: Tirips Picture

Erif, Erutan, Dniw, Naeco and Tirips...

The Elemental Five...

I created the Elemental Five as a stock set of mythological beings if I need some sort of mythology for a mysticallish race. Also, I wanted my logo to mean something. XD Any of the following "explainations" of the history/powers of the Elemental Five is fiction. I'm not starting a cult with these guys.

Finally, we have Tirips, who has control over the Spirit(light and dark combined) element. He gave animals a consciousness(not to be confused with a conscience) so that they were not just hulking piles of cells and could actually think for themselves. He also created and controlled two worlds for spirits to reside after their bodies had died, depending on the deeds they had done in life. He lives in an alternate dimension, seperated from this one entirely. Tirips eventually got a little power hungry and decided he should be the sole controller of the elements, instead of the Elemental Five each sharing an element. Fortunately, the others of the Elemental Five defeated him when he tried to gain the others' powers. (Remember Dniw's "eye of the storm" thing? That was what finally stopped him. Bwa ha ha.) After he was defeated and sealed away in his dimension, control over the Spirit Worlds was passed on to the Elemental Five's first creations... Paltretta Leviton and her dark(but not entirely evil) counterpart, Notivel Attertlap.

And yes, Tirips looks like Dimentio. That is not an accident. There's a reason for this, besides just referencing SPM. However, I'm not telling you just yet!!!
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