Kingdom Profile Mystletainn Picture

Name: Mystletainn Von Zeit
Nickname: Mystia
Species: Dialga
Age: 420 (Appears 15)
Personality: Calm, often silent and keeps to herself. Loyal and wise she would never go against any of her few friends in the kingdom. Tends to be cheerful around those she likes and enjoys tea parties. She tends to feel lonely because she fears others may be intimidated by her power to control time.
Mystletainn often goes by the nickname “Mystia” that was given to her by the other members of the Dragon Tower. Mystletainn is often alone, due to her powers over the realm of time; anyone who approaches her is affected by the waves of time. This causes others to often be afraid of her. To help restrain her powers, Mystletainn attached knight-like armor to herself that nullifies the power, so it won’t affect anyone unless it is taken off or if she wills it. Mystletainn can also be seen with floating, dagger-like weapons if engaged in combat (which rarely happens) Mystletainn also seems to be emotionless at times, due to her powers she isn’t allowed to show excessive emotion or else the flow of time will be disrupted.
Despite being 420 years old, Mystletainn looks as if she’s 15. Mentally, she is 420 but because of her armor constricting her powers over time her body is restrained from aging.
Height: 5”4
Wears a dark blue, armor-clad dress with cuts on the side to enable better movement. Wears a mysterious belt with a glowing clock strapped to her side. Her hair is white at the top, then slowly trails into different shades of blue with an odd, moving gear pattern hidden in the strands.

Mystletainn has always felt a strange, almost family-like connection with Arceus- the god that has which now vanished. She laid dormant for eons until she was suddenly awoken from her slumber and was revived from the ancient ruins of Ara. Mystletainn was brought to the kingdom by Rowena the Shaymin who stumbled upon Mystletainn while on a messanger job from the kingdom. Mystletainn’s thoughts were jumbled, and the only thing she had done before waking was watching the flow of time and sleeping. Rowena guided the confused Mystletainn to Vela and guided her to greet the ruler and his sister, Cygnus and Aura. Mystletainn soon gained great loyalty to Cygnus and the kingdom, to which she was given the job of being shrine maiden of the Dragon Watch Tower, where she cares for and protects its residents.
Mystletainn slowly finds out more about herself as she reads ancient books on Arceus, and her supposed brothers/sisters of the Creation Trio. Her most unique trait is her ability to see the “Veins of Time” or as she calls it, the length of which everything lives…and dies. Its another reason why she despises her own power.

Love Interest: N/A
Friends/or Relatives:
Aura – Mystletainn’s friend who she quickly grew familiar with because of Aura’s joyous personality that managed to make her smile. She often visits the palace after her duties to greet and have tea parties with Aura. They both became good friends, and Mystletainn is very happy that Aura doesn’t mind her powers over time.
Rowena – The first person that Mystletainn had met when she had awoken. Mystletainn grew accustomed to Rowena and created a great bond. Together, Aura, Rowena and Mystletainn often plan games and such together.
Cygnus – The ruler of the kingdom who Mystletainn is very loyal to. At first, Mystletainn was intimidated by his power but soon came to admire it. She will do any tasks Cygnus gives her and Mystletainn almost acts as a knight of the Vela.
Silver – One of Mystletainn’s closest friends who also inspired her nickname “Mystia”. Silver became almost a sister to Mystletainn and always brings a smile to her face.
Job: Shrine Maiden
Likes: Tea parties, calming colors, snow, those who don’t fear her, working at the tower, researching Arceus, visiting ruins
Dislikes: Her powers, the armor she has to wear, clocks ticking, being alone
FUN FACT: Mystletainn is actually the name of a sword from Norse Mythology that was acquired by the king of Iceland. Mystletainn was able to kill an army of 420 men in one strike.
“Zeit” means Time in German.
I really like this RP Group! I may create a separate account for talking to Mystletainn!
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