Fantasy Scrapdump Picture

Alright, these sketches are all really old (like, 3 years), but I finally got around to cleaning them up...these are all related to a concept for a fantasy story I have (not true fantasy, since it's kinda post-apocalyptic, but the closest to fantasy I'm likely to come).

The hero, in grand tradition, is just an ordinary guy thrust into events. His look reflects this, since he just has some old armor inherited from his father, and only has (initially, at least) a lead pipe for a weapon. He leaves his home and goes on a quest stuff.

The robot ninjas are...well, I'm not really sure yet. And the more I think about this universe, the less they fit in (as of now, at least), but I still really like them.

I haven't thought much about the specific dragon types, but my basic concept with them is that they are like an insect colony/hive, with different classes having different jobs...they may also ended looking more insect-like.

With the basilisk/cockatrice, since they've had wildly different depictions, I've always envisioned them as separate creatures, with the Cockatrice being a monster chicken and the Basilisk being more of a monster serpent. A rooster and female snake would produce a cockatrice, which would be JP-raptor-sized pack hunters. A hen and male snake would produce a basilisk, which was a larger loner. Genetic engineering would likely factor into this somehow to explain how chickens and snakes could do it.
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