The Fourth of the Second Picture

This is Magnum II

He is my own personal creation from a short story I had in the making. He is four years old now. ^_^ Yep. I've hung onto him for 4 good years. *Squeezes Maggy* No stealy me Magnum! Grrr!

I realized that I didn't have anything submitted for Magnum yet (and I don't have a lot of things submitted for lots of characters it seems -_-; )

(if you're still interested . . . if not, byebye!)

Magnum's history is spawned from a sort-of confusing timeline/family tree. He hails from the great Mags - which are a diluted branch reigning from the original Goat Mags (goat deamons). Influenced by the relations outside of the original, Mags changed much of what they first were. Magnum is the last of his species which were severely depleted during the Great War of the First Realm. He has a half-brother Deity named Fenrir whose Deity Father was Loki and Deity Mother was Narcil. Once upon a time, too long ago for man to remember, Magnum and Fenrir fought over the love of a Deity. Magnum lost and was hurled down to the Second World. Badly wounded he was sealed away within the womb of a tree and there he slept for countless years. That was how Magnum entered the Second World.

(( And yes. Concerning worlds and all that fancy talk - it's all derived straight from Norse mythology as far as the world is concerned.))
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