Sovereign Quetzalcoatl Picture

Good gravy! So much green and gold! *dies* Forgive me if he's too dazzling for you look at without sunglasses.

Getting back on track, using a free-use lineart by *rachaelm5, I present to you the most intricate thing I've ever colored in Paint. This is Quetzalcoatl, Sovereign of Island Reptilia in my All World canon. This lineart obviously doesn't represent how I picture him but if I tried to update how he's described in-story to what you see would get too complicated.

The important thing is his coloration. Aside from the green, all the colors you see here are present on both scarlet and blue macaws. Since Quetzalcoatl is a Central American legend, I went with the most popular bird used to represent the continent, the macaw. My version of Quetzalcoatl is known as an amphithere, a winged serpent or a legless dragon. He has the same traits as the High Kings, like his age of 6,000 years and the fact that killing him would cause Island Reptilia to destroy itself. He is the High Kings' equal in status despite his lofty title. Even the human Emperor is beneath him.

Unlike any other race, Quetzalcoatl is a unique creation made by the Almighty. He's the only amphithere in existence, such as never has been or ever will be again. Shogun Yamata no Orochi may have eight heads but he's still a snake, being the ruler over all snakes that are venomous.

I was also furnished with a thought. The High Kings are based on and share the names of the Four Symbols in Chinese mythology: Genbu, Suzaku Seiryu, and Byakko. They represent North, South, East, and West respectively. The Chinese have a fifth direction: the Center, represented by the Gold Dragon and the element of earth. The Japanese fifth element is Void so they don't have a fifth beast. Quetzalcoatl may not be all gold but he has gold in his plumage and scales and he is the fifth ruler of All World who stands above all others and is equal to the High Kings.

Lineart is *rachaelm5's
Quetzalcoatl is mine.
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