AATR3: Le Masque Picture

Chaotic...well...anything depending on interpretation.
Past experiences in the Real: AATR2, Round 4. (*Iris-Angelus)
Honestly, all you need to know about what I've done for AATR2 is that 2 of my OCs have ties to certain members of my past team, and that one of my OCs from my past team wanted nothing more than to butcher me and throw my limbs in the fire. Please don't feel like you need to read everything in AATR2; I had a huge, complicated plot, and I don't want either of us to be bogged down by that because I'm going to use a tiny bit of it at best, and it's only what I just mentioned here.
Le Masque by Charles Baudelaire
Voice: If I told you I voiced *Zeurel's Mona years ago...
Theme: A Night at Chireiden

General Strategy:
Round 1: It would seem that she is after judges.

Due to Lily's importance as the buffer and saboteur and her extreme weakness to the sun, the entire team, including the artist, has taken a nocturnal sleep schedule. This does not trouble her at all as Dauphé is a night owl anyway. This puts the team at an advantage at night as most other characters and artists will be sleepy and tired by then. This however, means that Dauphé will likely be hiding somewhere in the day, sleeping.

She herself is also smart enough to know when to surrender. However, if her sharp intuition tells her that she cannot trust the person she could potentially surrender to, she will fight to the death and try to bring the opponent down with her. For example, if the opposing artist appears to have won fair and square, she is more likely to surrender and compromise. On the other hand, if the opposing artist has shown maliciousness and foul play from the very beginning with no sign of compassion for others, she will not surrender. Dauphé recognizes that she may pull foul plays herself when needed, but if she surrenders and is spared despite this, she will not dare betray the winner later on.

Likes: Prodigies and geniuses, sweets, her friends, Lolita fashion and haute couture, fancy food, history and culture, fine arts, metal, deathstep, fantasy, flowers, mythology, classical literature, intelligence.
Dislikes: Prodigies and geniuses, flattery, idiots who don't know their limits, idiots, cafeteria food, Korean food, excessive noise, brutes, rude people, liars, failure.

1. Very pragmatic, determined mindset despite her childish quirks and behavior.
2. Her young appearance can grant her some advantages when negotiating with or manipulating someone.
3. Very strong faith and love for her creations.
4. Prior knowledge of the Real and the tournament, with frequent occasions of breaking the Fourth Wall

1. Won't last long in combat if cornered without her creations.
2. Sometimes overestimates her creations' abilities due to her faith in them.
3. Will show hesitation to go forth with her agenda when forced to face off against friends.
4. She has no idea who her 3rd OC is right now.

1. Unknown accent. Faint, but suspected to be a mix of Asian, British, and Southern; she initially learned English from a British woman and has lived in Kentucky for a while.
2. Gets very upset if one insults Lolita fashion. Also, I'm not kidding when I say that I can talk about it all day, every day when the topic arises.
3. Claims aristocratic descent through her paternal grandmother, and uses it to control Lily and Carina more effectively.
4. Former cello player.
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