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If you don't mind, but crit would be tasty, even a miner opinion about would lovely!

I don' know if this gonna work, post it as pdf. I tried Coping and pasting here, but the meant going in, fiddle with the the html tags, formatting, and string along all the foots by hand.

Okay, by any reads, I need to note two things;

The're footnotes in this piece and the're a bit screwed at the moment, cause they started as lust little jokes and story expansion (Or what ever you would call). Then I got the idea for the gods to only speak through the footnotes (Thous making them outside of the main narrative itself, making them in fact ethereal in textel sense or something)

So, when something says "And that's when Yohha declared "1"
And thus the red desert was burn, in it all things great and small"
What god said is in the footnotes.

Just letting you know, cause not knowing that makes reading this annoying, cause I'm bit dim, and didn't think things through.

Alright, peace.
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