Super Soldier Andromeda Picture

This is the Super form of Soldier Andromeda, the Guardian Soldier of the Andromeda Galaxy. As I have previously written before, I have no time to colour these images, but if anyone would like a shot at it, please message me.

To clarify things, a Guardian Soldier is the male equivalent of a Sailor Senshi, since Sailor Senshi can only be female. He wears a Tuxedo, albeit, modified, like Tuxedo Kamen, but I stress that Soldier Andromeda is far more powerful.

To transform, he says "Andromeda Crisis" or "Andromeda Ruby Crisis" and then "Transform!" (as opposed to "Make up!", because, let's face it, having a man say make up in a serious situation is only going to make people laugh uncontrollably). His weapon that he is holding is called the Golden Spiral Cane and is used for the attack "Sacrificial Andromeda Obliteration!"

My reasons for naming his attacks is largely based on the mythology surrounded the woman Andromeda, for whom the Galaxy is named for. She was chained to a rock as a sacrifice for a sea monster, so Soldier Andromeda's attacks usually relate to sacrifice, weapons and justice, as well as light and stars.

He is Sailor Star's male equivalent and her partner and lover. In his civilian form, he is Taiyou Keikai, whilst in his past life, he was Prince Tithonus.

*** Of course, ownership of all things Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is Naoko Takeuchi. Taiyou Keikai, Soldier Andromeda, Prince Tithonus etc, are my creations.
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