Janus Picture

After twenty days of waiting for an attack, the first one came. Our foes shambled out of the mire and the rubble like ghosts- Well, that's what they looked like, anyways. Some of them weren't even complete bodies, just corpses that had been reanimated for the solitary purpose of obliterating our defenses.
The ones that scared me the most- At least, during the first wave- Were the ones with two heads. I saw one grab Radley's arm and drag her elbow-first into it's chest cavity, where some sort of demented grinder had been installed in it's fused ribcage.
In five seconds she was missing an arm to the shoulder- Hawk had to cut off both heads to get it to let go, and by then it had 'eaten' most of her side.
Jupe called it a 'Janus', after some two-headed god of choices in Roman mythology. I don't care what we call it. I just never want to see one again.

The Janus species is a production of a machine called Mephitic Aggressor, one of the advanced Machines brought about in the aftermath of the 'failed' CHAPERØNE project.

Mephitic Aggressor's primary focus is on the physical and mental destruction of the Stitchpunk race. As opposed to the Fabricator's somewhat more neutral 'For the greater good' elimination of the ragdolls, Mephitic Aggressor outright hates the little buggers, and sees the Fabricator as a distraction, and will send it's minions to attack Stitchpunks, regardless of whether a Skullbeast gets in their way.

Specifically, Mephitic Aggressor uses bodies of Stitchpunks to create his machines. Usually, not living ones. Janus are a prime example of this. Created from two separate stitchpunk bodies, Janus have had their spine, torso, hips, and jaws modified to accomodate both monstrous form and new purpose. The Janus' sternum is made of a combination of the sternums of the two ragdolls, set at a diagonal slant. When it has captured prey, the sternum plates fold open like doors, exposing a small assortment of grinders and miniature arms that can tear through fabric and disassemble metal.

The grinders are not made for thick metal of a ragdoll's sternum, skull, or jaw, more for tearing apart fabric and wood and thinner sections of metal such as the arms or optics. The sheer number of miniature arms and their speed give it the consuming appearance. These appendages eject forward and the metal parts, after being broken down by the grinder, are stored in a bag that usually remains deflated behind this apparatus. The Janus brings it's haul back to Mephitic Aggressor for use in creation of more monstrosities.

Janus, like the rest of Mephitic Aggressor's pawns, are not particularly intelligent. They are directed by Mephitic Aggressor, and have little to no independence. However, they are extremely difficult to get the drop on due to their excellent 20/20/20/20 vision and superb hearing. They say that two heads are better than one, and they mean it. The only problem is when, occasionally, both heads get hungry for the same corpse. They begin fighting, and usually end up knocking each other unconscious.

Due to the thrown-together nature of most Janus, many of them are mismatched and lopsided, or hunchbacked. One hand may be larger than the other, one may be clawed, or one side may have an extra arm while the other may not. This can lead to uneven weight distribution, making for an easy takedown if someone knows what they're doing. Janus are, of Mephitic Aggressor's pawns, one of the more disturbing, but not one of the more dangerous.
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