What has science done. Picture

The Mountain Goat Theme:
A Cause Des Garçons (Tepr rmx) - Yelle

You know how people are like
OMG I R KAWAII retardedly cute animal-CHAN.

And they like. Draw themselves with ears, tails, and animal features yet still retaining a human body? Whatever the term is?

I'd be a f---ing mountain goat. Not to be confused with that thing from Narnia. Or the mythological thing.

How's that for a creation gone horribly wrong!?

...So it looks more like a boy. I guess if you draw anything with a goatee, you'd automatically assume it's a dude. But I can't ignore the fact that female mountain goats have beards. xD

Boy, girl, whatever you want it to be. Really just an excuse to practise me colouring.

- j . y, c'moooon, eat it.

PS, mountain goats rocketh more than any other animal.
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