Tupilak 1 Picture


The latest companion for every fashionable necromancer!
Here we combine the majestic lion with the elegant stripes of a zebra and the noble horse. For some extra luxury we have added the tail of a red fox, and to crown the work - the antlers of a deer.
To keep that freshness, regularly soak in formaldehyde for 30 minutes.


This piece was made as a birthday card for my boyfriend at the time after a joke we had about it. I heard about the tupilak from the swedish roleplaying game Drakar & Demoner but actually it's a creation from Greenland Inuit mythology. The tupilaq was an avenger stitched together from different animal and human parts by a shaman and given life by allowing it to suck energy from the creator's sexual organs. It was then put in the sea to find the enemy, but you had to watch out; if he was more powerful he could turn your own tupilaq back at you.

felt-tipped pens
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