Atahensic Picture

Iroquois creation story: Some versions say that before humans, there were beings in heaven that were gods. They had powers humans do not, such as being able to create something or make something happen just by thinking about it. So, one day in heaven, a father uprooted an apple tree to get some roots to make some tea for his pregnant daughter. Some versions call her Atahensic, most versions refer to her as the sky woman. The uprooted tree left a hole in the heavens, which Sky Woman was fell (or was pushed) through, depending on the version. She fell for a very long time toward the earth, which was only water. A flock of swans saw her, and gathererd beneath her to guide her onto the back of a turtle. Then, muskrats and beavers swam to the bottom of the sea and brought up some dirt, which they patted on the turtles back. The turtles back expanded into the island which is now North America, from Sky Woman came all things. I hope to turn these illustrations into a book one day.
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