Hearthome Cathedral - Creator Picture

In the beginning, an egg floated in the nothingness until it gave birth to Arseus, the creator...

I was personally amazed that they decided to place a Catholic cathedral into Diamond and Pearl. Being Pokemon, they of course made it to worship the Pokemon gods, but still having the cathedral right there says something.

This is the start of a small project I will be working on to create some stained glass windows appropriate for the Hearthome Cathedral (and as an excuse to play around with photoshop effects). It will cover most of the major players in Sinnoh mythology, and last for about 3-4 works.

As for this one, we start at the beginning with the god of creation. Of course, we're still not supposed to know about him, or that he has an ability as the origin of Pokemon to be any type he pleases. I tried to reflect that skill in the background with the 17 elements. I also was considering adding an egg to have it be the birth scene, but backed out.

In addition, as there is actually a religion in Sinnoh, I wonder what the symbol is? My guess would be the ring around Arseus' torso, with the assumption that the practitioners knew what it looked like.
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