Pae redux Picture

This is probably the world's most boring stance to draw anything in, but listen. I'm working on it.

So here is what this is. I lost steam on my Cast Shadows project because I was discouraged that it was basically a fanfiction pretending not to be. I didn't want it to be about My Little Ponies anymore. (I called them Paeli, but it was the same thing.) But I was stumped because what I wanted was a replacement that fit these criteria:

1) I had to be able to recognize my characters in them. Not colors, necessarily, but personalities and presence. That meant I needed to stay true to the essence of the creatures I was writing about without keeping them the same. They needed to work in the story, and fit the feel and purpose of the already existing characters.

2) They needed to be more than just sentient animals, and no recreations of any existing animals, real or mythological. They needed to be relatable, something that could easily express emotion both in pictures and the written word, and could be distinguished as a people rather than only a species - but they had to be animalistic enough to justify the plot itself.

3) They couldn't be stolen from the ideas of ~Redpyre, ~86Caskin, *beastofoblivion, *pallanoph or ~ahkahna - all of whom I realized have done exactly what I was trying to do, only better, and my brain kept trying to unconsciously steal their creations.

So I have been chewing on this for a long, long time and while driving to visit my sister the other day, the seedlings of an actual visual concept landed in my head. On the drive home a week later, I had my Cast Shadows playlist going, and I was able to actually get myself - mentally, anyway - in the ballpark. Then I tried to draw it.


I am still working on it, but I like this! I have not done anything with colorations, and only just started working on different types and things . . . but hey! Getting there! They are not wildly alien or original, but they really aren't supposed to be.

So. This is what is replacing My Little Ponies, for me. The characters that didn't become human (or . . . sort of human), anyway.

( . . . that head is probably too small! Augh!)
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