d: Sekhmet :b Picture

This was a fun assignment from my fantasy illustration class I did last quarter. We were asked to design illustrations for a card game similar to "Magic: The Gathering" based on myths and legends.

And I chose Egyptian mythology, and the Middle Kingdom legend of the creation of Hathor, the goddess of love.

For those not familiar with this version Ra, angry with the evils man was performing, created Sekhmet to slaughter mankind. But as Sekhmet began to devour man, Ra felt pity for his creation and tried to stop her. He could not. So he ordered that 15,000 jars be filled with beer, and then mixed with Red Ochre from Elphantine. Then they poured out the jars, and in the moonlight the beer looked like blood. Sekhmet, believe it was blood, drank her fill and became drunk. In such in an inebriated state, she didn't kill anyone and thus her bloodlust was broken. Then Ra turned Sekhmet into the goddess of love, Hathor.

Fun story, fun drawings, and I had fun designing the cards as well. ^_^

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