Wlaha - The Star People Picture

While reading a book for my South American mythology class, I was inspired by a particular section of the folklore that left me with some interesting mental imagery. The water ran red with the blood of the Star People. You'd probably have to read the whole thing to understand any of it.

When the boy shot the arrow, Wlaha hid in the branches. Kuamachi shot another. A man dropped in the water. The animals devoured him. Now another and another. He shot. They fell. He shot. They fell. The animals were coming up, looking for food. Caimans, anacondas, legs, heads, they were all floating and tossing around together. Everything was red with the Stars' blood. The mawadi were swallowing them with one bite. The arrows were falling like rain. You just heard w'lok, and a body would fall. And then d'lek, the snapping of the caimans' jaws.

Watunna : An Orinoco Creation Cycle
Marc de Civrieux
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