Naght Sieger RO MVP Picture

Naght Sieger, a boss or "mvp" from Ragnarok online.

The original sketch: [link]

This was requested by some of the players of the private Ragnarok Online game server I was admin of [MashimaRO].

Plus he lacked an MVP card illustration at that point in time within the game...

The original boss:


His blades look like the Soul Edge, and he is like Nightmare's twin in terms of looks. Nightmare is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. The evil alter-ego of SIEGfried Schtauffen, here is a picture of the original Sieger from soul calibur:


In RO, there is an NPC on his stage that suggests, that Naght Sieger also utilizes the concept of catching souls to empower his weapon with them, like Soul Calibur.

... A female Lord Knight killed him on my server after a long bloody battle and many tries with her party.

So this is especially dedicated to her, Miyabi, A.K.A. Nao Suzuki.

Also, if a certain song didn't exist, this would not be here at all.

The song is "The Valkyries," by Tierra Santa.


Maybe if you observe the piece with its theme, that I painted it to, you will appreciate it more.

P.S. Since Ragnarok Online is so heavily influence by Norse mythology... I would say that his character design was inspired by the tale of the giant Ymir and of Ginnungagap.

Ginnungagap or "yawning abyss" is the primordial abyss or black hole from which all emerged and all will return to in the end during the "Big Crunch" theory of the universe. In the Myth, Ymir, the first living being emerges at the center of space when the Ice of Nifelheim and the Fire of Muspelheim meet at the center and create circumstances habitable for life. Ymir is made of fire and ice, and like Naght, dwelled amongst galaxies. Ymir was sacrificed to make life and creation possible from his body by Odin. And, Naght wears a crown of thorns, which has come to represent sacrifice. Like Ymir, he's also dead. Or looks it.
The blackhole was sacrificed, and the matter it contained within itself spilled out like blood; and cooled down into the physical universe known today.
We are the parasites that have arisen out of the decaying body of the first living being, the sentient singularity.
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