Goddess Nayru Picture

Here we have our poll winner, Goddess Nayru! Now, I know she may look a little plainer than most may expect, but there's a simple elegance to it. And the other two Goddesses will be done in a similar style. There are a number of reasons why I drew her this way.

First reason being, in OoT (which CotT is only a few years after), the goddesses are shown as human-shaped, golden-bodied, ponytail-haired figures with no clothes. So I kept the simplicity of the design, making them have no major detail in particular spots, yet making their lower halves dress-like for more elegance. I also took away their ponytail hair for more elemental hair. This way, it's more detailed and creative while keeping at least somewhat close to their intended design.

Second, I made Nayru specifically more cloud-like in hair and dress because in the story of Hyrule's creation, Nayru flew through the air and the sky was formed. Most relate her with Water due to the gemstone being with the Zoras. But with clouds, Nayru can be both. She is the giver of the laws of nature. And what better display of that than the skies and waters of the land?

I added the leaf hairpiece in relation to the mythology gods/goddesses. I like how they look.

As far as the dress's top, you may notice the dress lines are not darkened all the way. I'm leaving this bit up to the viewer. View A is that she's all one color, her body forming into the dress. View B is she's golden while wearing a dress of clouds.

I hope this is enjoyable for you all! Din and Farore are next to come!
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