Cimmerian Cave Horse Breed Picture

Cimmerian Cave Horse Breed © =KwehCat & =NewAgeStables

Classical Mythology . of, pertaining to, or suggestive of a people believed to dwell in perpetual darkness.
very dark; gloomy: deep, Cimmerian caverns.


NAS and I started an RP back in November 2010 with a herd of horses that lived in a large, underground cave system. Over the last couple days we've developed our characters to set some breed standards, as seen above.

Their caves are very large, with many winding caves that branch out around the island the caves are on, located somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Towards the center of the system is a large freshwater lagoon surrounded by a special type of grassy plant that served as nourishment for the CCHs.

On the topside of the island resides another type of equine. More information on them coming soon.

Until the finer details of the breed are decided, they will be temporarily closed for creation. If you plan on making one, know that the cave herd lived way in the past, sometime after Atlantis sunk (9200 BC) (Read: NOT FOR STABLE USE. OC ONLY). There will, very soon, be designs available for adoption, though they will be open at some point... once things are worked out. And we get distracted by older songs. Sister Christian. And other things. So that may take a while
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