Drake Flying into Battle Picture

Commission of Drake Liuvan of MasterZDM's roleplaying forum. Arctic Phoenix, loads of weaponry, general all around fun guy. This pic is of him flying down to land his nice needle blades into something off of left screen. And he's apparently happy about it
Drew, inked, colored in PSP9.

You are welcome to leave a simple or constructive crit even through I say they're discouraged. Just so long as the crit should be for future art I may do - such as coloring techniques or different birds I could take example of for future bird-like creatures. Or generally what you like and tips of how to improve techniques for future creations. There is no fulking way that I'm going to ever return to this pic and edit or add something to it. This picture is done. For example, telling me that you think his shoulders are 'anatomically incorrect' (Which, in itself, is BS. Considering that he's not only a mythological creature with a wing structure, but also that his anatomy was just right before I added his jacket) is something that I cannot immediately fix to your liking. Telling me that you don't approve of my use of the color blue is also something I cannot change. Demanding that I change something in the character that the represented character, himself, had directly in his profile will just make me laugh at you.

For every picture I do of feathered creatures, I try to draw, color, or deviate the wing and feather structure differently. You can see this difference in about every feathered commission I've done in the past. Sometimes it explodes in my face, sometimes I'm satisfied, and sometimes I drive myself insane whilst trying to get everything done (for example... Hachi). For this pic, I'm satisfied. You people should try exploring the different ways of doing feathers. It's very educational and keeps feathered drawings fun to do =]
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