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A fairly major project I'm on at the moment - one of the two major-est anyway - involves a great big re-imagining of the Aztec legends/universal view(s). It's so interesting and ancient Mexico is so underused in fiction. Actually there are two versions of this project: I'm doing most of it for my own joys but part of it's gotta be handed in to college, so some of the stuff is a little off the track that I started along.. ANYway.

There is a whole lot of contradiction in the telling of Aztec stuff that I have access to. Practically every source I've used tells me a different version of something I've read elsewhere. There's a lot of really nifty food for thought, though.

THIS piece (and the one right after, I'm branching out and doing a TWO PAGE comic here) is a re-telling of one of the creation myths. The one that seems to be sort of a metaphor for the other ones, or that the other ones are metaphores for. The Aztecs were big on dualism. Heh, I wrote duelism first go.

I'll try and explain my inspiration.

The main source for this comic was a book by "general editor" C. Scott Littleton called MYTHOLOGY. It was £19.99 and published by [link] whom I link you to because this book is really great. It's 688 pages long and really earns the title MYTHOLOGY.

MYTHOLOGY says: "Ometeotl, the supreme being, existed beyone time and space. As was common with Aztec mythology, Ometeotl had a dual nature, being at the same time both male and female...also known as a two separate deities... who were locked in coition. Ometeotl was the parent and source of all creation, and... is said to have brought the Earth to life with his breath. Ometeotl created the Gods, but there his/her work ceased and all further activity was carried out by the other deities. Ometeotl... was portrayed as an ancient being with a sagging jaw. Tonacatecuhtli and Tonacacihuatl [the names of the male and female separate deities, mentioned before] ordained further creation through their four sons... Red Tezcatlipoca.. god of agriculture.. Black Tezcatlipoca... White Tezcatlipoca... [and] Blue Tezcatlipoca. these brothers helped create the world".

I say: can you spot all the things I used? There are several artistic techniques and styles I've nicked, too..
Please note that Black Tezcatlipoca, also known as simply "Tezcatlipoca" and a whooole bunch of other names, is quite famously portrayed as having a gold/black-striped face! You remember that famous aztec artifact, the striped skull that looks a lot like the Crimson Ghost? That's him, only turquoise/black instead because the colour green, thus jade and turquoise was so highly prized. A google image search will show you an image of either.

There'll be quite a bit more Aztec-root stuff coming from me soon, since I gotta have this project in by the 15th of May.

About the characters. She's called Jennie and she dyes her hair pale orange (I guess that's a Mexican thing in my mind since another character to do with this projects does the very same. WHERE would I get that from?), and his name is Albert Orr. Which shortens to Alberto, isn't that lucky? His vest there is light blue but he has them in all colours. They're in a room they live in, which I unconsciously designed after the bedroom of a person who fills my life with delicious sunlight. Drawing this comic was really strangely easy, except for the last panel on this page, which I rubbed out entirely after the first go.

By the way, if any of the ink's gone over the lines? It was on purpose. The codices are full of going-over-the-lines coloring. It pained me! It was also liberating. X)

I really hope you enjoy this in some way.
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