Serraphm 001 Picture

<Final design of Serraphm sporting a general purpose outfit>

Quick character synopsis:

Serraphm Ghaston
Female Chroma (artifical; created from a salvaged valkrie).
Born (created): 1034 (6 years old; though her approximate maturity level emotionally and mentally would be equal to a kindred in it's early twenties).
Class: Chimeric soldier.
Serraphm can mold and sculpt her body mass into any biological form she is familiar with - which is a pretty extensive library. Her shapeshifting abilities are so articulate that she can generate spare vital organs within her body mass to compensate for damage to major biological functions - her only real regenerative weakness comes in the form of extensive damage to her central nervous system (though the extent which she can recover from is under some debate - she has, on more than one occasion, relocated her own brain in order to prevent damage to it).
Serraphm's powers seem to be inherent to her body - though psionic in nature - meaning that her body itself has the coding for her shapeshifting abilities and her biological library - but a form of biomancy is required to serve as a catalyst for these functions. In other words her power is physical but runs on psychic energy; meaning someone could, for example, use her powers when possessing her.

Serraphm is pragmatic and disciplined; but has a strong bond with the men she commands. Even among special forces units; her group is tightly knit and resembles a family unit - with Serraphm being the maternal big sister.

It is presumed that Serraphm took the last name Ghaston as a homage to the terrorist and bio-mechanics genius Sigmund Ghaston (though the revolutionary genius was incarcerated by the Goth republic roughly twenty years prior to her creation).

About the name: Most of the characters in SLS have names that are either word puzzles, deliberately misspelled, or both. Serraphm's name falls in the last - based on the term Seraphim: which are sometimes interpreted as being kind of like God's personal attendants. They are also identified as having six wings. The unusual physiology of the Seraphim and them being errand boys to a deity coincides with Serraphm being something of an abomination, and pursuing a objective set to her by a Bio-engineer (wanna-be god). This also gives her a semi-religious name; which fits with the true valkries (who are named after goddesses from various mythologies).
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