NEO Shark Ranger Picture

Well here is my latest suit creation.

Though there is one person, other than me who I don't mind touching this, as he was my partner in the idea. He took the Sentai aspect of things and came up with LM Sentai Zokenger. I took the PR side, and came up with Power rangers N.E.O. Though I did change the suits now that I actually did a suit creation, and I don't think he ever got to the point of introducing the ranger forms. And of course for this one I also changed the color of the suit.

Dante Zale/NEO Shark- Dante Zale is the person who enlisted the help of the Warrior five, the five teen's who became the NEO Rangers. He is big on mythology, and one of his ancestors is the one who passed down the journal with the drawings of the 5 stones, and information on the great darkness. He helped fight of the recon party that attacked 10 years ago, though in the process he lost both of his teammates. He own's more than just his museum, he owns a few businesses, which he uses to make the equipment, for the rangers, and to hide their zords. He was unable to morph until he found a way to use his bracelet that was passed down with the book to power a morpher.

His morphing call is "NEO Change, Shark!" His element is steel, and he doesn't fight much.

Power Rangers NEO is MY CREATION, so Suit design, names, etc... © kram-elbog/Santaskid/Sanki. SO DO NOT TOUCH, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

Dante's civilian outfit was created by DigiStarDBZ, and modified slightly by me(color change) Do not touch with out her permission.

The helmet is a mix between a helmet made for me by Kenori of Rangerboard, and i.moffat 26 of rangerboard. Do not use with out all 3 of our permission.

Credit Goes to Saka Yuura on rangerbaord for the collar on Dante's ranger form, and for the Ankle padding and shoes of his ranger form. (Sorry for kinda forgetting that, I recall creating the cuffs pixel by pixel for DigiLeo while looking at his, Gekirangers, same for the collar, guess they were a little to accurate)

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