Down Time Picture

Never thought I'd see it in my lifetime. Suppose I ain't got a reason to be surprised anymore. After all, if you go far enough and wait long enough, you're bound to see something that happens to fall out of your box. Still, I was taken back when I laid my eyes upon the couch of the Broken Barrel.

At the base sat a brownie, one of the proud idiots of the south too stubborn and stupid to back down from conflict or simply sit back and let life happen. The race so angry at itself for having no magical ability that it tore open the Earth and gave the tinyfolk firearms so they could more easily slaughter themselves.

At the other end sat a nymph, another one of the xenophobic destructive beings who threw the entire continent into chaos with their hypocritical religious mandates and general racism. I can remember being on the front of the action when they came-a-marchin'. Right onto our land with flames in hand and a cold look in their eyes. None of the farm survived.

And on top, nestled in between the two, was a demon. The spawns of the netherworld. The destructive forces that constantly wage war upon our own world due to their own exile from a higher plain of existence. Banished below our realm, trying to break through in order to spite both the gods and their creations.

And they just sat together. Side by side. No squabble. No conflict. Just people. Living together. Enjoy each other.

The kid sat near the bottom. He was probably first. But the other two appeared to be planted on his legs. Kid's a heavy sleeper. He wouldn't mind. The woman took up most of what was left. Even up north she was still quite the biggun'. And, cradled in her arms was the little lady herself, lookin' happy as could be.

Suppose I've been living too long. Ain't much left of the world I knew, no m'am. World's healin'. Scars are still here, always will be, but things are better now.

Conway woulda loved seein' this...
-The Outsider

Drew the four central tinyfolk again. Fanservice is on it's way as we speak, but for now just enjoy dis. With more Leona and all that. Because I enjoy drawing her for the most part. There's so much one is able to do with a character like her. So here's lazy colors. Enjoy.
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