Fankids Picture

Woo~ Drew up a decent sketch of my fankids today.
Nico and Adam were adopted from AkiraForgotten
Kara and Lily are of my own creation.

Info from left to right:

Name: Kara Baudin
Age: 19
Symbol: Scissors
Color: Orange
Interests: Drawing, designing and sewing together her own clothes, mythology, history, puzzles, and cooking amongst other things.
Patron Troll: Naiyah Lument
Sburb Info -
Title: Witch of Heart
Land: Land of Roots and Comfort
Dream Moon: Prospit

Theme/Headcanon voice:…

Name: Nico Hirsch
Age: 20
Symbol: Gem/Rupee
Color: Dark blue
Interests: Video games (Mainly horror games and indie titles), being his friends' shoulder to cry on, writing poems and stories, and a whole lot more.
Patron Troll: Surama Auzara
Sburb Info -
Title: Knight of Void
Land: Land of Snow and Caves (So, essentially Skyrim. xD)
Dream Moon: Derse

Theme/Headcanon voice:… (Plus an extra theme, cause you can't go wrong with nostalgia dubstep. uwu… )

Name: Adam Rhodes
Age: 18.5
Symbol: Crescent moon
Color: Dark red/Maroon
Interests: Stargazing, playing games with Nico (Though he doesn't always like the games. xD), Talking with Lily (She's like a sister to him), languages and traveling, and more.
Patron Troll: Afonos Vradia
Sburb Info -
Title: Heir of Time
Land: Land of Stars and Flow
Dream Moon: Prospit

Theme/Headcanon voice:… (Except he has more of a British accent)

Name: Lily Durnin
Age: 19
Symbol: Treble clef
Color: Lime-ish
Interests: Music, singing, musicals, Disney movies, hiking, fishing, martial arts, and lots more.
Patron Troll: Dasaki Saltus
Sburb Info -
Title: Rogue of Space
Land: Land of Gardens and Frogs
Dream Moon: Derse

Theme/Headcanon voice:… (I have a headcanon that she never grew too much out of her childish voice)

EDIT: Added themes n' stuff~ c:

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