The Daemon Cycle Picture

Believe it or not I'm not dead, I've just been *sigh* busy of course and all my work in my sketch books can't be scanned in that easily because it outgrew my scanner. Anyway, remember Apocalyptia? Ya that old thing. Guess what. I'm still working on it. I've been contantly reworking the whole thing, so the whole thing is a chaotic mess, but none the less it's still there. I've decided to turn the whole thing into a mythology rather than a story. I think it'll work better that way. This is the Daemon Cycle chart. It basicly explains the whole way daemons work. Umm I'll put a little lexicon here for to help with some terms:

Daemon: An agent of destruction to world, not for evil purposes but rather Ultraversic balance. Daemons have no humanity or emotion, which makes them very effecient at their jobs.(formerly known as Demon)

Daemon Classes: The Daemon Race is divided into 15 clans and 1 sub-type. They are:
-Regal- God
-Throdian- Beast
-Iblano- Titan
-Hydraxyse- Water
-Gorn- Flesh
-Lithos- Earth
-Incedero- Fire
-Zephis- Wind
-Ymira- Ice
-Ostium- Bone
-Chyte- Insect
-Ervos- Plant
-Nyxstis- Darkness
-Luminos- Light
-Raizen- Thunder
=Whyspe- Sub-Daemon

Whyspe: A Sub-Daemon. When a daemon is destroyed, it will turn into a Whyspe which is an entity that has no body but seeks out a host to posses.

Demon: A living being that is possesed by a Whyspe. While it isn't fully a daemon, it has distorted judgment and an apatite for destruction. Depending on if the Whyspe or the host is stronger, it will transform into a Demi-Daemon or a Full Daemon

Demi-Daemon: A living being that has become a demon but over comes the Whyspe giving the being great power while still having their humanity intact

Full-Daemon: A daemon that has been destroyed atleast once and as a Whyspe over powered their host. These are much more powerful than a regular daemon. When a Full Daemon is destroyed it returns to a Whyspe form.

Daemon Fractal: A Whyspe that has gone through a ritual and turned it into a physical manifestation that can be used on a living being to instantly turn them into a Full Daemon. This guarantees that the host turns into a Full Daemon and not a Demi-Daemon. This is not a natural means of Daemon creation so it is looked down upon and when the Full Daemon is destroyed it does not turn back into a Whyspe.

Sub-Daemon: Basicly a larval stage of a daemon. It cannot do anything on its own because it only has a meta-physical body similar to ectoplasm.

Anthros: A living being that is part of nature. While humans in their intellectual progress lean twards more logic and technology, Anthros are more philosophical and use magic. This is a separate race from Daemons.

The Whyspe Cycle: The cycle in which a Whyspe is destroyed from its physical form and does back to a Whyspe again. The more a Whyspe goes through the cycle, the more powerful it becomes when it becomes a Full Daemon again (basicly a war vetran of sorts). Some daemons must go through the Whyspe Cycle several times before it can become a certain type of daemon, like Throdians or Iblano.

I'll add more to the lexicon if I am asked to.

Apocalyptia, Dravus Ardoris, and this whole concept belongs to me.
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